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Animal Issues Matter Organisation (AIM) is one of the few Animal Welfare Organisation's in the World that is legally authorised (under Animal Welfare Legislation such as the South African Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 Section 8 (1) as amended) and provides Animal Welfare Inspectorate Monitoring of animals on Film Sets throughout the Western Cape of South Africa.  

In addition, AIM creates & distributes throughout the South African Film Industry, Animal Welfare Norms and Standards; Rules and Regulations and Terms & Conditions for the use of Animals - domestic, livestock and wildlife - on Set.


Aim has worked hand in hand with South African & International Animal Trainers and Production Companies to ensure animals are afforded the correct treatment and facilities under Animal Welfare Standards when working on Set. Our Inspectors have +- an accumulated 24 yrs of film monitoring experience. 

The Presence on Set of an Animal Welfare Inspector serves a very useful role and is recommended (and often insisted upon by National and International Clients). Whilst currently not a legal requirement, it is an advisable voluntary, self regulatory measure that protects animals and safe guards Trainers and Production from unfounded allegations of animal mistreatment. 


   National and International Movies Monitored 

Our Animal Welfare Inspectors are Magisterially Authorised; providing the Inspector with the legal authority and jurisdiction to monitor, advise and or intervene if the animals are unsuitable/untrained/unfit for the task in hand; including legally halting and removing any animal from Set should the animals safety and welfare be compromised. 

National & International Commercials Monitored

Our Organisation works on a Morals and Ethics principle where animals are our foremost priority. We are not funded by any Film Industry Guilds, Associations, Organisation's or Affiliation's; but are a professional, independent and unbiased service provider experienced and legally authorised and trained in  monitoring the welfare of animals on set.

Having said this, Animal Issues Matter Organisation only monitors the actual welfare of animals on a film shoot and is not therefore responsible for the ethical and moral issues that may arise from these animals being used. The Client, Production Company and any Agencies should satisfy themselves that the concept and treatment does not violate any sections of the South African Advertising Standards Authority and or other relevant Broadcasting Codes.


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